Competition Shape…Minus the Competition (Lisa’s Journey) – Entry 9

[Lisa] Since it is October, it is only right that I pay homage to Satan’s favorite holiday, Halloween. The challenge here is obviously candy. I must point out that, most of the time, candy is not a huge problem for me. But for some reason once I see the spooky decorations around town the Halloween candy displays at the A&P seem to call out my name. There are several choices. First, do not buy any candy. Second, buy candy that I do not like. Third, buy candy that I like and work it into my daily diet. Choice three brings up something interesting. Now, if I were a smoker, drug addict or alcoholic I would say, “I can never have another cigarette, drug, drink again.” Since food is my addiction never having it again is not a great choice for the long haul. I am supposed to confront, in small portions, the very thing that is a problem. How ‘bout I tell a drug addict you can only have a little bit of crack. Now, you may say never have foods with sugar or white flour or whatever again. Is that realistic? For me, I don’t think so. Back to choice three; I bought candy that I like, Kit-Kats a big bag with mini servings. One piece isn’t too bad, 75 calories 4 g fat, 10g carbs. The question is; can I stop at just one? I will turn it over to the Prince of Darkness himself for advice.

[Mike]  If I were a psychologist I might try to associate Lisa’s candy fixation at Halloween with her need to relinquish responsibility as an adult and connect with her childish side. Wait a second…she hasn’t stopped being childish…so that can’t be the answer.  Hmmmm.

Anyway!  I’m no psychologist so let me first lay out the most obvious and easiest solution—don’t buy it.  Sure you’ll need some for Halloween but you can wait to purchase it the day before or the morning of.  You might not wind up getting the most desirable candy for the kids but think of it as doing them a favor.  Besides, you’re goals are more important than a day of giving away candy to your neighbors kids.

Is it realistic to never have candy or sugar again?  No.  However there is one way you can occasionally have your sugar fix without it hindering your progress.  Have it as part of your post-workout meal.  Following a hard resistance training workout your glycogen (sugar) levels are low since glycogen is the primary sources of energy utilized during this type of exercise.  Rapid replenishment of your glycogen stores helps to expedite your recovery from the workout and nothing can replenish them quicker than sugar.  However you must be very careful not to overdo it as too much sugar—above what is needed—will end up being converted and stored as fat.

Exactly how much sugar is necessary depends upon the individual and his/her sensitivity to insulin, how well they metabolize glucose, whether or not they are in a caloric deficit, and the intensity of their workout.  That being said, since Lisa is in a caloric deficit, is training at a high intensity (because I make sure she does) and has improved her insulin sensitivity (via fat-loss) then a small piece of candy after her workout, once in a while, along with her protein shake will not do any harm but it’s imperative she not consume too much fat along with the sugar and this “pass” is not taken to the extreme.

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