Change is inevitable. No matter how much you try to resist it or run from it, you can’t. Even if you hold your ground and stand still the world around you is changing. If you’re not evolving you’re regressing.

It’s a fact, with each birthday we celebrate we’re getting older.  With that comes the natural depletion of the resources that keep us fit, energetic, and strong.  Of course we’re able to counteract or slow this regression through exercise, nutrition, supplementation, rest, and managing our stress.  However, as our bodies are changing, as those resources are dwindling, we need to change or “revise” our lifestyle choices and actions to stay ahead of the curve.


Change is not always easy but almost always necessary if the objective is growth. We all have room to grow. No matter where we are in our lives, in our work, in our health and fitness, there’s always a next level. The question is, how willing are you to go after it? Do you just talk about it or do you take action? Do you make excuses or make it happen? Do you let fear paralyze you or does your “why” help you to make the necessary changes?

Choose change.