Fitness Independence Series

These conferences and seminars are for career oriented personal trainers who are–or desire to be–leaders of an independent fitness business that will make a difference and affect the lives of many.

3-Day Personal Training Independence Conference

This 3 day conference is for experienced personal trainers seeking new or alternative methods of exercise application for the purpose of positioning themselves at the top of a crowded fitness marketplace.  We take the most advanced concepts of exercise science, make them easy to understand, and develop strategies of implementation to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of your personal training program.

Throughout the conference we work hands on with attendees in order to facilitate learning and absorption of the information presented.  By educating on the theoretical and practical elements of exercise science simultaneously we can assure that the information is understood as intended.

1-Day Advanced Exercise Seminars

These seminars expound upon individual topics related to exercise science and its practical application, as well as the best businesses practices for independent personal trainers and studio owners. We not only take the subject and break it down to its most scientific and logical conclusion but we also hold break-out sessions during which you practice applying the information in a practical manner.

Since these 1-day events are focused on a single topic, you walk away with techniques and processes that can easily be “plugged into” what you are currently doing the very next day.  This makes it easy to measure the effect of your new “tool” or knowledge, and determine how it can best used moving ahead.

 *These events are also offered privately for fitness studios and health clubs.  We bring the event to you!  Contact us for rates and available dates.