Who I Am

As a fitness professional and natural bodybuilder I enjoy setting an ambitious vision and creating
results-oriented solutions to achieve it.

I take an untraditional but focused approach to exercise and pursue excellence in applying muscle and strength science. My aim is to help people see the very best of themselves and in turn, they inspire others to be their best.

As CEO (Chief Exercise Officer) and President of the IART I’m best known for raising the standard of performance for personal trainers and educating them and advanced trainees on the art and science of exercise.

I’m also an author, owner of PURE PHYSIQUE, Co-founder of the Drug Free Athletes Coalition, and Co-Founder of the Fitness Leaders Alliance.

Fitness has been my life’s passion and I’m blessed to have it play such a tremendous role in nearly every aspect of my every day life.  From work, to play, to my relationship with my beautiful wife, as well as my family and friends–fitness is ever present. 

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  1. Is it possible for you to mention what your level of education relating to the science behind fitness is?

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